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Indiana NAPA Auto Parts Store Helps Front Line Workers


Witt NAPA Posted by: Witt NAPA 4 years ago

Josh Witt, president of the three-store NAPA AUTO PARTS group in Warsaw, Syracuse, and North Webster, Indiana, donated 10,000 pairs of gloves to the local fire department, 3,000 pairs to the city, and 3,000 to hospitals.

​In an interview with the local newspaper, Witt said, “We are grateful for our healthcare workers and first responders every day, but it’s moments like now that there are no words that can do justice in thanking them. We are honored to be able to play a small part in this battle as they continue to service our community so bravely.”

​Witt said he started stocking up on gloves and other PPE (personal protective equipment) before COVID-19 took serious hold in the country. “We were talking with municipalities early on and the belief was access to PPE could become an issue,” said Witt. “Even though we had a good amount of gloves on hand in early March we still had the ability to get more. So, with a good distribution channel available we brought in about 10,000 pairs.”

​Even after the initial donation, Witt said his store group continued to support healthcare workers. In April, they donated 3,000 pairs of gloves to the Kosciusko County Health Department to distribute to the healthcare industry where needed. The County Health Department provides supplies to long-term health facilities, most of which are nursing homes.

​While many businesses closed during the pandemic, essential businesses including NAPA AUTO PARTS stores and AutoCare Centers remained open. Witt said, “We’ve been fortunate that our business has held up through COVID. I believe a big part of it is the significant investment we made in retail – in our Top Store.”